210-680-5872 info@magicmoonwalk.com © Magic Moonwalk 1998. We Deliver Fun!!! Snack Attack Concessions Sno Cone Keep the kids cool with Sno Cones. Always a favorite with the little ones...and big ones too! Each unit come with your choice of four flavors... Grape Lemon Lime Cherry Bubblegum Mango Blue Raspberry Coconut Pineapple Tigers Blood Cotton Candy Ahhh... The sugary sweetness of cotton candy. Another kids favorite. Each unit comes with your choice of one of two flavors. Pink Vanilla Blue Raspberry. 30 cones are provided. Additional cones $1.50 per 10 count. Additional floss sugar $6.00 per carton Pop Corn One way to come down from a sugar high is to eat plenty of fluffy, buttery pop corn. Each unit comes with 3 pop corn packs which make approximately 20 servings 20 bags are provided. Additional bags $1.00 per 10 count. Additional bags $3.00 per bag.   $65.00 Minimum    Order